Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What About Utah?


So the Orange Bowl is over, USC whupped OU, and Auburn will begin bitching and moaning for a whole steenking year.

What about Utah?

Utah went 12-0, on their bowl game, but all the complaining is coming from Auburn. Utah, who was never considered for a spot in the Orange Bowl, is expected to suck it up and like it. The finish Number 4 behind Good Ol' J.R.'s beloved OU Sooners, but with a LEGITIMATE gripe that they were screwed.

All because they're in a "lesser" conference. The reality of last night was this: No matter how a game looks on paper, anything can happen when the kick-off begins and that's a fact. Statistics are one thing, but games are won by the X-Factors. Neither Auburn OR Utah, both deserving of a shot at the National Championship, received one.

There should have been no less than a four team playoff. Do it 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 4, or 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3, whichever. but give all of them a shot!

As for Auburn, well, they didn't want THAT game LAST night and I'll explain why. Things went as well as they could for Auburn, because they got to watch OU get their asses handed to them, and didn't have to go home being whooped. Now they can spend all year with their bowl victory and say "If WE had played USC, we'd be champions now!" AND they'll get a sympathy vote all year next year from the AP to boot.

And that's a good segue if I may say so. The AP. Time to break the system. Forget about "the polls". The championship games should not be dictated by a bunch of reporters, most of whom have never actually PLAYED football. Just as the Coaches shouldn't be allowed to dictate the games because, if ANYONE has an agenda, it's going to be an NCAA coach. The computer polls at least, in theory, aren't actively biased.

What is my point here? My point is that nxt year OU will have to rely entirely upon the computer polls to get anywhere, because - after two years of horrible performances in the championship game - OU will face an amazing bias from the human polls, despite the fact that this year's team and next year's team will be related in name only. That, and anyone who pays any kind of attention to OU football knows that Bob Stoops and the AP don't really get along.

So, allow my voices to join the choir: Move to a playoff. Don't give me any crap about "undeserving teams" going on hot streaks. If you limit it to, say, 8 teams, there's no such thing as an "undeserving team" winning. The next argument is that it's unfair to the players because they have finals. I have a theory that says that any team that's gonna have to worry about playing through finals isn't going to have many players too concerned about playing football, but are more concerned about the NFL. And if so, so what? Maybe it's time to give degrees in sports instead of treating them as extracirricular activities. I mean, even in elementary schools, the presence of a given sports program has become an incentive to transfer to a school.

Incidentally: OU's Graduation rates at the Norman campus.

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 19.1%% Within 5 Years - 44.0%% Within 6 Years - 52.1%

And USC:

% Within 4 Years - 60.6%% Within 5 Years - 76.5%% Within 6 Years - 80.6%

Huh. I admit, I'll eat some crow there. Maybe it's just Red State schools. Hell, that may have nothing to do with football at all.

Here's number the AP's number four school, Utah.

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 20.7%% Within 5 Years - 37.7%% Within 6 Years - 51.2%

But that one's a trick question because, as has been proven, they don't have a prayer of seeing a championship game.

And here's the #2 school: Auburn

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 37.1%% Within 5 Years - 61.2%% Within 6 Years - 67.6%

For the other end of the spectrum, here's some schools that didn't do quite so well this year.

Duke University

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 88.0%% Within 5 Years - 91.9%% Within 6 Years - N/A

The University of Central Florida

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 27.7%% Within 5 Years - 48.4%% Within 6 Years - 53.5%

Southern Methodist University

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 56.3%% Within 5 Years - 69.6%% Within 6 Years - 71.7%

Temple University

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 23.8%% Within 5 Years - 49.1%% Within 6 Years - 53.6%


Well...that actually didn't prove what I thought it was going to. That actually kinda takes the wind out of my sails.

That said, I'm just gonna walk away and go back to talking about things I know something about: roleplaying games or comic books or some other garbage. I don't have the spare attention to be obsessed with college sports, too. I depart for this day...allow me to say one last time:


And let us never speak of this again.


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