Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ravenloft, NCAA and More

I have decided...one way or another...that I want to fill up my Ravenloft collection, as it has moved decidedly to the top of any and all D&D campaigns I would consider running, under any system.

This is an instance where I would be willing to go the PDF route if that's what it took to complete the collection, especially since I recently got a GOOD printer.

In a few days or so, I should be receiving most of the availiable 3.5 Ravenloft books, thanks to White-Wolf's year end sale and that's a good start.

Big ballgame tonight, what with OU and USC squaring off for All Da Marbles. Go OU, that's all I got to say about that.

Every week I watch Raw and find myself thinking the exact same thing: GOD I hope Mohammad Hassan can actually wrestle. The guy has a GREAT look...incredibly solid mic skills...NOW let's just hope he can perform. He's also one weasly manager away from being a babyface if they so choose. Well, I think that and "why are the fans too stupid to miss that he's Arab-AMERICAN?!?!"

I never thought I wouls say it...but...WWE: HIRE MORE WOMEN. I am FINALLY ready to trake the women's division seriously! Dump the bland boobjobs you have on the roster, bring back Gail Kim and Nidia, call up Alexis Laree, hire a couple of more wimmens and give us an honest women's division! PLEASE! *sigh* I don't CARE about...um...I can't name any of them outside of Maria.

AND Batista. See Hassan, Trish and Batista are my favorite reasons for watching Raw. And Batista was in TOP form last night. Good match with Benoit that made Batista look like a GAWD and great interaction with HHH. That said, I still want Edge to win the belt at New Year's Revolution because 1) Batista's not QUITE ready to be champo and 2) with Batista turning face (if the WWE is smart, anyway) then they need to elevate another heel. Since I don't think Trish is gonna be competing for the World title anytime soon.

Anyway, them's my thoughts and this is Day 4.


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