Monday, January 10, 2005

Just stuff...

Yesterday, my son strung together six steps in a row before falling down.

Pretty cool by my count.

Running into a small problem with my Champions of the Galaxy...'cuz I'm playing Legends of Wrestling a TON and not so much the Champions of the Galaxy stuff.

I wrote about five pages today, after three of not touching it. SO not gonna meet the WotC deadline. But I'm working on it, at least.

Just to send some props out...Thom Marrion is a bloody genius, as he proves regularly with his Eden Studios work and is now spreading around for free on the Eden Angel RPG message board with tons of useful stuff. Great show, old man.

Off to watch Raw. Sounds like they've killed my three favorite Raw wrestlers, so YAY. Batista got a monster rampage cut off by the RKO, Trish is now the champion in a division of THREE wrestlers thanks to Lita's injury and Hassan had to have help to beat Jerry Lawler. Just f-ing brilliant.


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