Saturday, January 08, 2005


As the title says...I got to play!

Last night, I ran Ravenloft for three friends. It was NICE. Odd group, but fun. Everyone played their parts well. That's also the reason I didn't blog last night. Or write, for that matter.

Now if White Wolf will get through their backlog I'll get the rest of my Ravenloft books.

Picked up the Monsternomicon from Privateer Press today. Cool stuff. Definitely gonna add a steampunk feel to my Ravenloft campaign.

Working on organizing two-two-TWO roleplaying a D&D group and the other an Angel group, with trading weekly with different players in each group. Here's hoping.

Picked up new comics as well...Walking Dead and Astonishing X-Men are awesome, but then, so's New Thunderbolts. Tomb of Dracula was pretty good too, actually.

And Marvel needs to make Madrox into an well as keepin Cable/Deadpool and Nightcrawler.

For now, take care folks.

I'm still...

The Famous Tommy Z


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