Monday, January 03, 2005

I Don't Really Know What To Say

Today, I am at a loss for words, so this is mostly a space-filling exercise in discipline, even moreso than most.

My news-mindedness has really waned since they started putting the newspapers at work in boxes. It's not that I'm too cheap to buy a paper, I just never remember to bring change, so I read the paper less, so I'm overall less informed...which is INSANE for anyone who spends any real amount of time on the Internet.

I am becoming pleased with my writing. I have already earmarked things I wish to change, but I am determined to make it through a first draft before I allow my inner editor to kill me.

Last thing I'll cover today is The Dead Zone. One of my wonderful friends lent me the first season of this and it's quite good. Still three episodes away from being finished, however.

Anyhow, I can say I kept my three-day streak alive. Sorry for such an uninformative post.

Take care!

The Famous Tommy Z


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