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Saturday, January 15, 2005


I had an epiphany.

My brain popped open and crap spewed out.

I am working feverishly on things, submissions for various projects and all.

Okay, mostly feverishly.

But it's pretty cool. I have ideas, tons of ideas, that weren't there even a day or so ago. I wonder if my muse is finally speaking to me or what.

As a side note to this, I love my wife. My wonderful, beautiful, dear supportive wife. And I'd hate to be doing, well, anything without her support.

I am feeling confident. Confident that I will make my break somewhere, sometime soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Writer's Block.

God love it.

'Cause I sure don't.

My main problem with writer's block is that I don't write nearly enough to feel like I have the right to be suffering from writer's block. Maybe it's my inability to get into a writing routine. That works as well as anything, I think.

I have two projects with fast approaching deadlines and am careening into a brick wall. To say nothing of a dormant third project that was just a window waiting to be opened.

Sory for sounding so grumbly...but I'm getting mired in frustration right now. Hoping something will break for me here. Like a floodgate of inspiration or something. That'd be nice.

Oh well.

Off to the 8th Level of Hell.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Just stuff...

Yesterday, my son strung together six steps in a row before falling down.

Pretty cool by my count.

Running into a small problem with my Champions of the Galaxy...'cuz I'm playing Legends of Wrestling a TON and not so much the Champions of the Galaxy stuff.

I wrote about five pages today, after three of not touching it. SO not gonna meet the WotC deadline. But I'm working on it, at least.

Just to send some props out...Thom Marrion is a bloody genius, as he proves regularly with his Eden Studios work and is now spreading around for free on the Eden Angel RPG message board with tons of useful stuff. Great show, old man.

Off to watch Raw. Sounds like they've killed my three favorite Raw wrestlers, so YAY. Batista got a monster rampage cut off by the RKO, Trish is now the champion in a division of THREE wrestlers thanks to Lita's injury and Hassan had to have help to beat Jerry Lawler. Just f-ing brilliant.

Sunday, January 09, 2005


After four days...we got the water fixed!

Saturday, January 08, 2005


As the title says...I got to play!

Last night, I ran Ravenloft for three friends. It was NICE. Odd group, but fun. Everyone played their parts well. That's also the reason I didn't blog last night. Or write, for that matter.

Now if White Wolf will get through their backlog I'll get the rest of my Ravenloft books.

Picked up the Monsternomicon from Privateer Press today. Cool stuff. Definitely gonna add a steampunk feel to my Ravenloft campaign.

Working on organizing two-two-TWO roleplaying a D&D group and the other an Angel group, with trading weekly with different players in each group. Here's hoping.

Picked up new comics as well...Walking Dead and Astonishing X-Men are awesome, but then, so's New Thunderbolts. Tomb of Dracula was pretty good too, actually.

And Marvel needs to make Madrox into an well as keepin Cable/Deadpool and Nightcrawler.

For now, take care folks.

I'm still...

The Famous Tommy Z

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Like An Old Friend

Today I rediscovered an old friend. I finally got around to watching DVRed episodes of The O.C. Man that's some good stuff.

Easily the wittiest writing on TV since Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air. I don't know if the biggest problem is Mischa Barton's acting of the writing crew's work with Marissa, but either way, there's the Achilles Heel of the show.

We've hit the first full day of no water here at the house, which is pretty cool in that this time the water issue was something completely different than it has been every other time. Lovely.

Just been a stressful day.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What About Utah?


So the Orange Bowl is over, USC whupped OU, and Auburn will begin bitching and moaning for a whole steenking year.

What about Utah?

Utah went 12-0, on their bowl game, but all the complaining is coming from Auburn. Utah, who was never considered for a spot in the Orange Bowl, is expected to suck it up and like it. The finish Number 4 behind Good Ol' J.R.'s beloved OU Sooners, but with a LEGITIMATE gripe that they were screwed.

All because they're in a "lesser" conference. The reality of last night was this: No matter how a game looks on paper, anything can happen when the kick-off begins and that's a fact. Statistics are one thing, but games are won by the X-Factors. Neither Auburn OR Utah, both deserving of a shot at the National Championship, received one.

There should have been no less than a four team playoff. Do it 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 4, or 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3, whichever. but give all of them a shot!

As for Auburn, well, they didn't want THAT game LAST night and I'll explain why. Things went as well as they could for Auburn, because they got to watch OU get their asses handed to them, and didn't have to go home being whooped. Now they can spend all year with their bowl victory and say "If WE had played USC, we'd be champions now!" AND they'll get a sympathy vote all year next year from the AP to boot.

And that's a good segue if I may say so. The AP. Time to break the system. Forget about "the polls". The championship games should not be dictated by a bunch of reporters, most of whom have never actually PLAYED football. Just as the Coaches shouldn't be allowed to dictate the games because, if ANYONE has an agenda, it's going to be an NCAA coach. The computer polls at least, in theory, aren't actively biased.

What is my point here? My point is that nxt year OU will have to rely entirely upon the computer polls to get anywhere, because - after two years of horrible performances in the championship game - OU will face an amazing bias from the human polls, despite the fact that this year's team and next year's team will be related in name only. That, and anyone who pays any kind of attention to OU football knows that Bob Stoops and the AP don't really get along.

So, allow my voices to join the choir: Move to a playoff. Don't give me any crap about "undeserving teams" going on hot streaks. If you limit it to, say, 8 teams, there's no such thing as an "undeserving team" winning. The next argument is that it's unfair to the players because they have finals. I have a theory that says that any team that's gonna have to worry about playing through finals isn't going to have many players too concerned about playing football, but are more concerned about the NFL. And if so, so what? Maybe it's time to give degrees in sports instead of treating them as extracirricular activities. I mean, even in elementary schools, the presence of a given sports program has become an incentive to transfer to a school.

Incidentally: OU's Graduation rates at the Norman campus.

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 19.1%% Within 5 Years - 44.0%% Within 6 Years - 52.1%

And USC:

% Within 4 Years - 60.6%% Within 5 Years - 76.5%% Within 6 Years - 80.6%

Huh. I admit, I'll eat some crow there. Maybe it's just Red State schools. Hell, that may have nothing to do with football at all.

Here's number the AP's number four school, Utah.

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 20.7%% Within 5 Years - 37.7%% Within 6 Years - 51.2%

But that one's a trick question because, as has been proven, they don't have a prayer of seeing a championship game.

And here's the #2 school: Auburn

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 37.1%% Within 5 Years - 61.2%% Within 6 Years - 67.6%

For the other end of the spectrum, here's some schools that didn't do quite so well this year.

Duke University

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 88.0%% Within 5 Years - 91.9%% Within 6 Years - N/A

The University of Central Florida

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 27.7%% Within 5 Years - 48.4%% Within 6 Years - 53.5%

Southern Methodist University

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 56.3%% Within 5 Years - 69.6%% Within 6 Years - 71.7%

Temple University

Graduation Rates% Within 4 Years - 23.8%% Within 5 Years - 49.1%% Within 6 Years - 53.6%


Well...that actually didn't prove what I thought it was going to. That actually kinda takes the wind out of my sails.

That said, I'm just gonna walk away and go back to talking about things I know something about: roleplaying games or comic books or some other garbage. I don't have the spare attention to be obsessed with college sports, too. I depart for this day...allow me to say one last time:


And let us never speak of this again.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ravenloft, NCAA and More

I have way or another...that I want to fill up my Ravenloft collection, as it has moved decidedly to the top of any and all D&D campaigns I would consider running, under any system.

This is an instance where I would be willing to go the PDF route if that's what it took to complete the collection, especially since I recently got a GOOD printer.

In a few days or so, I should be receiving most of the availiable 3.5 Ravenloft books, thanks to White-Wolf's year end sale and that's a good start.

Big ballgame tonight, what with OU and USC squaring off for All Da Marbles. Go OU, that's all I got to say about that.

Every week I watch Raw and find myself thinking the exact same thing: GOD I hope Mohammad Hassan can actually wrestle. The guy has a GREAT look...incredibly solid mic skills...NOW let's just hope he can perform. He's also one weasly manager away from being a babyface if they so choose. Well, I think that and "why are the fans too stupid to miss that he's Arab-AMERICAN?!?!"

I never thought I wouls say it...but...WWE: HIRE MORE WOMEN. I am FINALLY ready to trake the women's division seriously! Dump the bland boobjobs you have on the roster, bring back Gail Kim and Nidia, call up Alexis Laree, hire a couple of more wimmens and give us an honest women's division! PLEASE! *sigh* I don't CARE can't name any of them outside of Maria.

AND Batista. See Hassan, Trish and Batista are my favorite reasons for watching Raw. And Batista was in TOP form last night. Good match with Benoit that made Batista look like a GAWD and great interaction with HHH. That said, I still want Edge to win the belt at New Year's Revolution because 1) Batista's not QUITE ready to be champo and 2) with Batista turning face (if the WWE is smart, anyway) then they need to elevate another heel. Since I don't think Trish is gonna be competing for the World title anytime soon.

Anyway, them's my thoughts and this is Day 4.

Monday, January 03, 2005

I Don't Really Know What To Say

Today, I am at a loss for words, so this is mostly a space-filling exercise in discipline, even moreso than most.

My news-mindedness has really waned since they started putting the newspapers at work in boxes. It's not that I'm too cheap to buy a paper, I just never remember to bring change, so I read the paper less, so I'm overall less informed...which is INSANE for anyone who spends any real amount of time on the Internet.

I am becoming pleased with my writing. I have already earmarked things I wish to change, but I am determined to make it through a first draft before I allow my inner editor to kill me.

Last thing I'll cover today is The Dead Zone. One of my wonderful friends lent me the first season of this and it's quite good. Still three episodes away from being finished, however.

Anyhow, I can say I kept my three-day streak alive. Sorry for such an uninformative post.

Take care!

The Famous Tommy Z

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Second Verse, Same As The First

Man...have you seen the MySpace blogs? Those pages are nice.

I might have to relocate!

I began writing yesterday...and I plan to try to force myself to write daily, regardless. My overriding issue is discipline, and I have to whip it. No pun there.

Just like I plan to, whenever possible, do the blog thing daily.

Went back to work last night after four nights I don't miss that place when I'm gone. At all.

I have friends who are talking about getting a new roleplaying group together...let's cross our fingers and hope for the best, yeah? I would love to run Angel, Deadlands, Dungeons & Dragons (specifically Ravenloft) or All Flesh Must Be Eaten (one shots OR ongoing game) right addition, one of my online friends has mentioned again (perhaps not seriously) that he would like to play online there may be hope yet.

In other news, Anna Nicole Smith is still alive. God love her.

I am..

The Famous Tommy Z

Saturday, January 01, 2005

And a Happy New Year

Greetings and salutations!

I do hope everynoe had the best possible Holiday they could have under whatever circumstances they were under this year.

I rang in the New Year with my wife, son and four of my dear friends and two of their children. We talked, snacked, missed the ball drop and played Chez Geek, which is one of my absolute favorite party games.

My three biggest goals in the new year are: Get out of my crummy old job, get a role-playing group together that actually sticks and to get at least one new writing gig.

One of my major failings as a writer is discipline. As in, I just don't have much. I need to work on that, bad...=P

Don't call any of the above resolutions...I'm not gonna start THAT bit. But they are things I hope to accomplish.

On a side note, I have also mentioned that I would like to be back on stage again, and starring as Scrooge in some manner of "A Christmas Carol". THAT one I'm sure won't happen...but stranger things and all...=)

Folks, I shall endeavor to chime in more often. May your year be good to you all.

And yeah, I'm still...

The Famous Tommy Z