Monday, November 15, 2004

Safire Calling It A Day

Incidentally, William Safire is quitting his gig at the NY Times.

As a moderate to liberal Democrat, I don't like a lot of his views. As a reasonably intelligent human being, I enjoy reading his column. With him gone, that leaves the Rational Conservative Count down to about one, George Will...and the Conservative Voice becomes nutjobs Thomas Sowell, Dianne West and Oliver North. Technically, Joan Ryan is still a conservative, though the Right has moved so far right that it makes her look like a Lefty. Silly her for supporting women's rights and not thinking gays could possibly do more damage to marriage than straights already do.

The point is, I'll miss seeing Safire in the newspaper. Goodluck, Mr. Safire, and Godspeed.


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