Saturday, November 20, 2004

Random Thoughts

This blog is at least as much an exercise in discipline as it is anything. So, I'm here today with a random smattering of thoughts.

- I have posted an OU-LSU Sugar Bowl '04 program on eBay, bidding starts at $1. Go,'ll be fun.

- My son turns 1 year old tomorrow, and we're preparing for the big, full-on family bash and all. Should be fun. Amy says our digital camera's memory card holds 174 pictures...I'll see how many I can get taken tomorrow.

- Early reviews of Sting's biographical movie indicate that they are every bit as bad as I feared. So the question remains: Am I still a big enough Sting fan to blindly blow $20 on a crappy DVD? Inquiring minds wanna know. Hm. Maybe the book is better.

- So...Big & Rich released a single before (Save A Horse) Ride A Cowboy? Huh. I've never heard it. I thought for sure it would be getting played since they're successful now and all. But I give them megaprops...the two songs I HAVE heard are about as extremely different as two songs can be. I'm all about artists being willing to spread their wings.

- How bad does the whole Christmas party ritual suck? Isn't the 40 hours of my life I give to these yahoos enough? But i guess its in the Christmas spirit to pretend like I wanna be hanging out with my co-workers, acting like friends caught up in the Christmas spirit. Approximately two of my co-workers actually hold conversations with me. Jeez. Merry friggin' Christmas.

- On a brighter note...have you seen Lone Star State of Mind? It stars Joshua Jackson of Dawson's Creek and it was, I guess, straight to video...which is TRAGIC because it is HILARIOUS. See it. Seriously.

And with that, I'm leaving...I'll try to remember to ramble on a bit after the kid's birthday party tomorrow. Heck, maybe someone will give me truly rant-worthy material! Until then...

The Famous Tommy Z


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