Friday, November 19, 2004

Must See TV

I like TV.

That is to say, scripted dramas.

Joan of Arcadia is the show I have enjoyed the most since Angel went off the air. So wonderfully real. The last two episodes have had some genuinely eye-wetting moments, with Joan's friend Judith dying, and then tonight's, with Joan giving Luke the kite he wanted for his birthday two years earlier. Amber Tamblyn earned her stripes on General Hospital...hopefully next time she won't just be nominated for an Emmy, she'll win. The only show I make CERTAIN I watch every week, outside of wrestling.

Desperate Housewives is just so much fun. It manages to say its piece with a straight face, yet doesn't take itself too seriously. And a couple of the women aren't too hard on the eyes, either. But the real kicker is how each episode stays self-contained, while throwing a nice twist in at the end to hook you for next week.

Veronica Mars. What can I say? I like it. I missed a couple of episodes because I gave up, figuring UPN would kill it anyway, and was shocked to find out it's getting a full season. Huh. That said, it's a smart show, and Kristin Bell and Enrico Colantoni work great together as father and daughter. And TV just looks better having Terri Hatcher and Paula Marshall both employed again. But Veronica Mars is SO not the next Buffy. That would be Joan of Arcadia. The thing that Buffy did so well was to make fantastic situations feel so real...and Joan feels more real than any show on TV.

Honorable mention goes to Boston Legal and Kevin Hill. I like lawyer shows a bunch, from Matlock and Perry Mason to The Practice. William Shatner has ever been better than he is as Denny Crane in Boston Legal and James Spader is so wonderfully amoral. Kevin Hill is sweet without being saccharine, and the Nanny is hilarious. Taye Diggs has charisma to spare and a vehicle now that suits him. I hope it lasts.

Anyhow, that's what I'm watching these days...yeah, my man card should probably be revoked...but I got a hoTT wife and she's happy with me, so there.

I was gonna put an Anna Nicole Smith joke in here, but I couldn't think of one.


I'm still...

The Famous Tommy Z


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