Thursday, November 18, 2004

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I am very tired, and that won't be changing anytime soon.

First off, a big shoutout to! that the guy who set it up won't even read.

No profound political statements today, sorry.

More and more as I play my retro-GWF, I find my 2117 feds dying on the vine. Especially since I have decided that my retro-GWF will not end when I reach 2087.

Big birthday bash this weekend, as my son hits the big Oh-One! Hoody Hoo! Could either be a bunch of people there or a few. Either way, I plan on trying to fill up the memory card on our digital camera for the first time ever.

I planned on posting about the pros and cons of Wal-Mart, but that one will have to wait.

For those of you Champions of the Galaxy-ish players and fans who may have stumbled upon this, I run four feds...and here they are:

GWF 2076, based off of the Early Years set.

GWF Galaxian Champion: Morpheus
GWF Tag Team Champions: Paladin Power

Then I have my LWF fed.

LWF World Champion: "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
LWF World Tag Team Champions: The Road Warriors
LWF United States Champion: Ted DiBiase

Next, we have my GWF 2117 fed. That's right, I have been playing for over 12 years and STILL not caught up.

GWF Galaxian Champion: Switchblade
GWF Tag Team Champions: The Creatures of Lamia
GWF Interplanetary Champion: Warfare
GWF Solar Champion: Tanck
GWF Cruiserweight Champion: Nightmare
GWF Women's Champion: Thrash

And finally, the CPC.

CPC Hevyweight Champion: Colossus
CPC Tag Team Champions: The King's Court
CPC Interstellar Champion: Dar Gova
CPC Lunar Champion: Mike Fortune
CPC Cruiserweight Champion: Vacant
CPC Women's Champion: Xenia

My feds are actually pretty boring to read as they tend to be "by the books", but someday I'll provide a little more indepth of an update on the non-retro feds, since the retro is covered in excruciating detail on the CotG forums.

Pretty sparse update, I know...but remember, eat your poptarts before Anna Nicole Smith does.


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