Monday, November 29, 2004

Fair and Balanced?


Bill O'Reilly comes out in defense of Dan Rather over the Bush National Guard thing. I am speechless. I love it. Reilly IS one the good guys, I think. A conservative voice I can stomach! I still won't watch his show, but that has nothing to do with him. <~~~There's the link to his defense of Rather.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I sure did. We ate at my brother's house and then ate with two of my friends Saturday. Next up are my wife and I's second anniversary and her graduation.

On a different subject...I love DVRs. Thanks, in part to my DVR, I have twelve movies I need to watch.

Happily, I bought a new X-Box cable and that fixed the problem...go me!

Apologies for being away from the blog so long, but I was busy.

Take care, people.


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